1. Introduction

Provide a general description of Strategy Orchestrator APIs here. For any question or suggestion, please send email to support@strategyorchestrator.com and include in title: "API services"

2. Check version of Strategy Orchestrator

Strategy Orchestrator has two deployment mode. Server and Single

To check the Strategy Orchestrator version. It must use the System - GET - api/System/Version service to know the version. There is more information how to use web api service (api/System/Version) below of this page.

3. Server mode

These are the main features:

  • AuthSingle API Service must be not used for authentication. It must use AuthServer API service
  • For almost all the web api services, it must add a key/value in headers of HTTP Request. The key must call "auth_domain" and the "value" must be domain of user who access to service.

4. Single mode

These are the main features:

  • AuthServer API Service must be not used for authentication. It must use AuthSingle API service

5. Active or inactive objects

Some API services has dtos with fieldname "IsActive". The website of Strategy Orchestrator only some the dtos and data where the IsActive propery is True. So, It some API services contains a dto with IsActive property. It must use filters to get only the items with "IsActive" field value equal to True

6. Security

The API services uses a HTTP Token Authentication.

The token is obtained when user is athenticated in system.

To get the token, it needs to use these API service: AuthServer or AuthSingle . (Depends of Strategy Orchestrator version)

These are the list of API services that needs token:

  • Accounts
  • Activities
  • Alerting
  • Comments
  • CommentTypes
  • Dashboard
  • Deadlines
  • Divisions
  • ExtraFields
  • GoalLinks
  • Goals
  • Initiatives
  • KpiLinks
  • Kpis
  • KpiValues
  • Milestones
  • OverridenColors
  • Perspectives
  • Privileges
  • Purchases
  • ResourceUsages
  • Risks
  • Users

7. Examples

Get System version

  • Go to System GET Version
  • Click on "Test API" that is bottom right of page
  • Click on "Test" button
  • See the response and check the body panel: It should be "SERVER" or "SINGLE"

Authentication in Strategy Orchestrator server version

It will authenticate the following username and password:

Username: "jean@demo.com"

Password: "895140"

  • Go to Server athentication
  • Click on "Test API" that is bottom right of page
  • Replace "sample string 1" by username
  • Replace "sample string 2" by password
  • Click on "Send" button
  • It will appears a new popup with the result of the calling. If the HTTP status is successfull, the body panel will contain info about the user and the token value.

Get Kpi values in Strategy Orchestrator Server version

Before to call to KPI Values API service, it needs to have user token and this user must have privileges for kpi values. We will use the following example data:

Token: "$2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscwmxn8JeOmcNfytZdI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26"

Domain: "demo.com"

  • Go to Get Kpi values
  • Click on "Test API" that is bottom right of page
  • Set in value of "Is Active" texbox: True
  • Click Two times in "Add header" and it will add a two rows with two textboxes each one.
  • In the first row, set "Authorization" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "Basic $2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscUmxn8JUOmcNEytZiI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26". The last texbobx value is based token in this case.
  • In the second row, set "auth_domain" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "demo.com".
  • Click on "Send" button
  • It will appear a new popup with the result of the calling. If the HTTP status is successfull, the body panel will contain json array of all Kpi values found and actived.

Create new KPI Value for KPI in Strategy Orchestrator Server version

Before to call to KPI Values API service, it needs to have user token and this user must have privileges to create kpi values. We will use the following example data:


Token: "$2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscwmxn8JeOmcNfytZdI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26"

Username: "user01@demo.com"

User Id: 4

Domain: "demo.com"

Kpi Id: 5

  • Go to Create kpi value
  • Click on "Test API" that is bottom right of page
  • Copy this JSON structure to create a new Kpi value for December month.
                "Name": "Kpi value for December",
                "Kpi": {
                "Id": 5
                "StartDate": "2014-12-01 00:00:00",
                "EndDate": "2014-12-31 00:00:00",
                "TargetValue": 150,
                "ActualValue": 120,
                "PrognosisValue": 150,
                "TrendValue": 150,
                "IsActive": true,
                "UserId": 4,
                "IsValid": true
  • Click Two times in "Add header" and it will add a two rows with two textboxes each one.
  • In the first row, set "Authorization" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "Basic $2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscUmxn8JUOmcNEytZiI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26". The last texbobx value is based token in this case.
  • In the second row, set "auth_domain" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "demo.com".
  • Click on "Send" button
  • It will appear a new popup with the result of the calling. If the HTTP status is successfull, the body panel will contain JSON object sent and it will include a new Id

Update Actual Value for KPI Value in Strategy Orchestrator Server version using HTTP Get

Before to call to KPI Values API service, it needs to have user token and this user must have privileges to permissios to update kpi values. We will use the following example data:


Token: "$2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscwmxn8JeOmcNfytZdI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26"

Username: "user01@demo.com"

Domain: "demo.com"

Kpi Id: 102

Year: 2015

Month: 2

Day: 1

Actual value: 550000

  • Go to Update actual value in kpi value
  • Click on "Test API" that is bottom right of page
  • Set the values in Url parameters
  • Click Two times in "Add header" and it will add a two rows with two textboxes each one.
  • In the first row, set "Authorization" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "Basic $2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscUmxn8JUOmcNEytZiI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26". The last texbobx value is based token in this case.
  • In the second row, set "auth_domain" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "demo.com".
  • Click on "Send" button
  • It will appear a new popup with the result of the calling. If the HTTP status is successfull, the body panel will contain JSON object updated.

Update info for KPI Value in Strategy Orchestrator Server version

Before to call to KPI Values API service, it needs to have user token and this user must have privileges to permissios to update kpi values. We will use the following example data:


Token: "$2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscwmxn8JeOmcNfytZdI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26"

Username: "user01@demo.com"

User Id: 4

Domain: "demo.com"

New Actual value: 550000

Kpi object:

                    "Name":"700,000 barrels per day of new production"
                    "CreatedDT":"2015-01-02 13:28:38",

  • Go to Update Kpi value
  • Click on "Test API" that is bottom right of page
  • Copy this JSON structure to update Actual value of Kpi value.
                        "Name":"700,000 barrels per day of new production"
                        "CreatedDT":"2015-01-02 13:28:38",
  • Click Two times in "Add header" and it will add a two rows with two textboxes each one.
  • In the first row, set "Authorization" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "Basic $2a$12$Vgw7.fBoemtIscUmxn8JUOmcNEytZiI3.Z.lataB6D05iazl4.W26". The last texbobx value is based token in this case.
  • In the second row, set "auth_domain" in first textbox and in the second texbox, write "demo.com".
  • Click on "Send" button
  • It will appear a new popup with the result of the calling. If the HTTP status is successfull, the body panel will contain JSON object updated.

8. List of API services


API service to manager accounts or users in Strategy Orchestrator.

POST api/accounts/token

Create or update information related to authentication of account.

POST api/accounts/email

No documentation available.

POST api/accounts/clients

No documentation available.

POST api/Accounts

Create or update information of account. However, It can not create or update information about username and password of user.


API service to manage activities in Strategy Orchestrator.

GET api/Activities?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&kpiId.Value={kpiId.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&perspectiveId.Value={perspectiveId.Value}&isCompleted.Value={isCompleted.Value}

Get all activities in Strategy Orchestrator

GET api/Activities/{id}

Return a activity by Id

POST api/Activities

Create a new activity

PUT api/Activities

Update a activity according to Id


API service to read all activity stream in system

GET api/ActivityStream?dateFrom.Value={dateFrom.Value}&dateTo.Value={dateTo.Value}&startTime.Value={startTime.Value}&endTime.Value={endTime.Value}&pageIndex.Value={pageIndex.Value}&pageSize.Value={pageSize.Value}

Get all activity stream item according to filters


GET api/adfs/Single

No documentation available.

GET api/adfs/Server

No documentation available.


API service to manage the executing of alerts in KPIs, Goals and Initiatives. Features: Execute the alerting messages to the user via HTTP request. It has an option to get a preview of messages that will send to the users. It can define which type of message will send: SMS, EMAIL, PushNotification (mobil).

POST api/Alerting/KpiActualValue

Service to send Kpi alerting message. The message is configurable in System Settings page via website.

POST api/Alerting/StatusValue

Service to send Initiative alerting message. This service is generic, so, it will support more entities but for now, It can support only Initiatives. The message is configurable in System Settings page via website.

POST api/Alerting/StatusGoal

Service to send Goal alerting message. The message is configurable in System Settings page via website.


Authentication service when Strategy Orchestrator is deployed as Server version. It can check version of Strategy Orchestrator in "api/system/version" API service.

POST api/Auth/Logon/Server

Authenticate username and password and return user account found. The domain of username must define in headers. Ex: Domain = "demo.no"

POST api/Auth/LogonToken/Server

Authenticate token and domain and return user account found.


Authentication service when Strategy Orchestrator is deployed as Single version. It can check version of Strategy Orchestrator in "api/system/version" API service.

POST api/Auth/Logon/Single

Authenticate username and password and return user account found.

POST api/Auth/LogonToken/Single

Authenticate token and domain and return user account found.


POST api/builderkeyresultvalues/resetandgenerate

No documentation available.

POST api/builderkeyresultvalues/generate

No documentation available.

POST api/builderkeyresultvalues/generateprevious

No documentation available.

POST api/builderkeyresultvalues/validate

No documentation available.

POST api/builderkeyresultvalues/generateforalldivisions

No documentation available.

POST api/builderkeyresultvalues/generateforallusersindivision

No documentation available.


API Service to generate kpi values in kpi

POST api/builderkpivalues/resetandgenerate

This method will reset and generate again all kpi values

POST api/builderkpivalues/generate

This POST method will generate kpi values.

POST api/builderkpivalues/generateprevious

No documentation available.

POST api/builderkpivalues/validate

This POST method will validate if the kpi values for kpi is correctly created.

POST api/builderkpivalues/generateforalldivisions

This method will generate kpi and kpi values for all actived divisions in system according to goal defined in KpiForAllDivisions object.

POST api/builderkpivalues/generateforallusersindivision

This method will generate kpis and kpi vlues for all users found in one division defined in KpiForAllUsersAtOneDivision object


API service to manage comments

POST api/comments/filters

Return comments but using a POST request where the request message are filters.

GET api/comments/details?Value={Value}

Return a comment by Reference Id field

GET api/Comments?year.Value={year.Value}&month.Value={month.Value}&commentTypeName.Value={commentTypeName.Value}&referenceValue.Value={referenceValue.Value}&userId.Value={userId.Value}&numberOfDays.Value={numberOfDays.Value}&searchText.Value={searchText.Value}&pageIndex.Value={pageIndex.Value}&pageSize.Value={pageSize.Value}&isPrivate.Value={isPrivate.Value}&startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&includeDates.Value={includeDates.Value}

Get all comments

GET api/Comments/{id}

Get a commennt by id

POST api/Comments

Create a new comment

PUT api/Comments

Update a comment by Id

DELETE api/Comments/{id}

Delete a comment by Id


API service to read Comment types

GET api/CommentTypes

Returns all comment types in system

GET api/CommentTypes/{id}

Get a comment type by id


GET api/CommentViews

No documentation available.


API Service to download or upload files in the system.

GET api/commonfiles/download

Download the file content defined in File description.

POST api/commonfiles/upload

Upload file content to be connected with a File description item

GET api/CommonFiles?referenceId.Value={referenceId.Value}&referenceType.Value={referenceType.Value}

Return a list of file description according to filters

GET api/CommonFiles/{id}

Return a file description by Id

POST api/CommonFiles

Create a file description that it will use as reference where it was the content of the file uploaded.

PUT api/CommonFiles

Update a file description by Id.

DELETE api/CommonFiles/{id}

Delete a file description by Id


API service to manage information related to dashboard showed in home page of Strategy Orchestrator.

GET api/dashboard/EntityCounters?divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&includeAllMeasureTypes.Value={includeAllMeasureTypes.Value}

Get summary of counter in the main entities in System

GET api/dashboard/EntityItems?responsible.Value={responsible.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&includeAllMeasureTypes.Value={includeAllMeasureTypes.Value}

Get summary of items in the main entities in the system


API service to read all log changes data of system.

GET api/DataLogs?dateFrom.Value={dateFrom.Value}&dateTo.Value={dateTo.Value}

Get all log data according to start and end date filters


API service to manage deadlines in system.

GET api/Deadlines?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}

Get all deadlines according to filters

GET api/Deadlines/{id}

Get deadline by Id

POST api/Deadlines

Create a new deadline

PUT api/Deadlines

Update a deadline by Id

DELETE api/Deadlines/{id}

Delete a deadline by Id


API service to manage divisons in system

GET api/divisions/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Divisions?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&noParent.Value={noParent.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Divisions/{id}

Get division by Id

POST api/Divisions

Create a new division

PUT api/Divisions

Update a division by Id

DELETE api/Divisions/{id}

Delete division by Id


API service to manage documentation feature in entities of system

GET api/documentation/details?Value={Value}

Get documentation by entity reference Id

GET api/Documentation/{id}

Get documentation by Id

GET api/Documentation?referenceId.Value={referenceId.Value}&referenceType.Value={referenceType.Value}

Get documentation by entity reference Id and reference type

POST api/Documentation

Create new documentation for entity object

PUT api/Documentation

Update documentation for entity object

DELETE api/Documentation/{id}

Delete documentation by Id


API Service to extend fields in the majority of entities in system..

GET api/ExtraFields?Value={Value}

Get all extra fields in system

GET api/ExtraFields/{id}

Gte extra field by Id

POST api/ExtraFields

Create new extra field entity

PUT api/ExtraFields

Update extra field entity

DELETE api/ExtraFields/{id}

Delete extra field by Id


API service to manage favorites items for users.

GET api/Favorites?userId.Value={userId.Value}&pageIndex.Value={pageIndex.Value}&pageSize.Value={pageSize.Value}

Get all favorites

GET api/Favorites/{id}

Get favorite by id

POST api/Favorites

Create a favorite item

DELETE api/Favorites/{id}

Dlete favorite item by id


Show all fields in all entities in system that can be hidden or shown in webpage

GET api/FieldsConfiguration?Value={Value}

Get all field configuration in system

GET api/FieldsConfiguration/{id}

Get field configuration by Id

PUT api/FieldsConfiguration

Update field configuration object


API service to manmage files in all entities of system. Example: photos or images

GET api/files/userphoto

Get user photo file according to theseq uery string parameters : 'filename'; 'domain' if the system is deployed as server version.

POST api/files/userphoto

Upload new photo file. It needs to define a querystring parameter called 'userid' that will contain the id of user.


API service to manage goal dependencies

POST api/goaldependencies/bulk

Create or uopdate a array of goal dependencies

GET api/GoalDependencies?sourceGoalId.Value={sourceGoalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&isActive.Value={isActive.Value}

Get all goal dependencies according to Sour goal Id and division Id

GET api/GoalDependencies/{id}

Get Goal dependency by Id

POST api/GoalDependencies

Create a new goal dependency

PUT api/GoalDependencies

Update goal dependency

DELETE api/GoalDependencies/{id}

Delete a goal dependency by Id


Controller used to update priority field according to Goal and Divisions

POST api/goaldivisions/bulk

Bulk service to create or update a list of Kpi values

GET api/GoalDivisions?divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&perspectiveId.Value={perspectiveId.Value}

Get all goal division by division Id and perspective Id

GET api/GoalDivisions/{id}

Gte one goal division by Id

PUT api/GoalDivisions

Update goal division

API Service to manage goal links

GET api/GoalLinks?divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}

Get all goal links. It can filter by division Id

GET api/GoalLinks/{id}

Get goal link by Id

POST api/GoalLinks

Create new goal link

PUT api/GoalLinks

Update goal link

DELETE api/GoalLinks/{id}

Delete goal link by Id


API service to manage goals entities in system

GET api/goals/possibleparents?Value={Value}

Get goal parents for goal id

GET api/goals/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Goals?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&isParentIdNull.Value={isParentIdNull.Value}&divisionParentIdIsNull.Value={divisionParentIdIsNull.Value}&perspectiveId.Value={perspectiveId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&calculationType.Value={calculationType.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}&includeEmptyDivisions.Value={includeEmptyDivisions.Value}&includeSubdivisionsFilter.Value={includeSubdivisionsFilter.Value}&includeParentDivisionsFilter.Value={includeParentDivisionsFilter.Value}&haveTags.Value={haveTags.Value}&seeExpired.Value={seeExpired.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Goals/{id}

Get goal by id

POST api/Goals

Create a new goal

PUT api/Goals

Update goal


API Service to get goal calculation in system

GET api/GoalValueCalculations/filterbygoal?startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&isDivisionNull.Value={isDivisionNull.Value}

Get goals calculation for one goal

GET api/GoalValueCalculations?startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&isDivisionNull.Value={isDivisionNull.Value}

Get goals calculation


Api service to create password using the system algorithm.

POST api/HashPassword

POST method to convert word to encrypted word.


API Service to manage initiatives

GET api/initiatives/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Initiatives?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&kpiId.Value={kpiId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&perspectiveId.Value={perspectiveId.Value}&isCompleted.Value={isCompleted.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}&isInitiated.Value={isInitiated.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Initiatives/{id}

Get initiative by Id

POST api/Initiatives

Create new initiative

PUT api/Initiatives

Update initiative


GET api/keyresults/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/keyresults/count?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value={endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Keyresults?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&objectiveId.Value={objectiveId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value={endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Keyresults/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/Keyresults

No documentation available.

PUT api/Keyresults

No documentation available.


POST api/keyresultvalues/bulk

No documentation available.

GET api/keyresultvalues/updateactualvalue?keyresultValueId.Value={keyresultValueId.Value}&kpiId.Value={kpiId.Value}&day.Value={day.Value}&actualValue.Value={actualValue.Value}&includeLog.Value={includeLog.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/KeyresultValues?keyresultId.Value={keyresultId.Value}&isValid.Value={isValid.Value}&startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&keyresultResponsibleId.Value={keyresultResponsibleId.Value}&isKeyresultActive.Value={isKeyresultActive.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}&includeKpiResponsibleId.Value={includeKpiResponsibleId.Value}&isNullApprovalDate.Value={isNullApprovalDate.Value}&approvalUserId.Value={approvalUserId.Value}&isApprovalKeyresult.Value={isApprovalKeyresult.Value}&isNullActualValue.Value={isNullActualValue.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/KeyresultValues/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/KeyresultValues

No documentation available.

PUT api/KeyresultValues

No documentation available.


API Service to manage kpi definition

GET api/kpidefinitions/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/KpiDefinitions?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&haveKpis.Value={haveKpis.Value}

Get all kpi definition

GET api/KpiDefinitions/{id}

Get kpi definition by Id

POST api/KpiDefinitions

Create a new kpi definition

PUT api/KpiDefinitions

Update kpi deifnition


API service to manage kpi dependencies

POST api/kpidependencies/bulk

Create or uopdate a array of kpi dependencies

GET api/KpiDependencies?sourceKpiId.Value={sourceKpiId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&isActive.Value={isActive.Value}

Get all kpi dependencies according to Sour goal Id and division Id

GET api/KpiDependencies/{id}

Get kpi dependency by Id

POST api/KpiDependencies

Create a new kpi dependency

PUT api/KpiDependencies

Update kpi dependency

DELETE api/KpiDependencies/{id}

Delete a kpi dependency by Id

API service to manage kpi links

GET api/KpiLinks?Value={Value}

Get all kpi liks

GET api/KpiLinks/{id}

Get kpi link by id

POST api/KpiLinks

Create new kpi link

PUT api/KpiLinks

Update kpi link

DELETE api/KpiLinks/{id}

Delete kpi link


API service for kpis

GET api/kpis/odata

No documentation available.

POST api/kpis/bulk

Create or update array of kpis

GET api/kpis/count?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value={endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Kpis?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value={endDateForEmptyActualValue.Value}

Get all kpis

GET api/Kpis/{id}

Get kpi by id

POST api/Kpis

Create new kpi

PUT api/Kpis

Update kpi


API service to get kpi calculation

GET api/KpiValueCalculations?startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}

Get calculation for kpis


API service to manage kpi values

POST api/kpivalues/bulk

Bulk service to create or update a list of Kpi values

GET api/kpivalues/updateactualvalue?kpiValueId.Value={kpiValueId.Value}&kpiId.Value={kpiId.Value}&year.Value={year.Value}&month.Value={month.Value}&day.Value={day.Value}&actualValue.Value={actualValue.Value}&includeLog.Value={includeLog.Value}

Service to update actual value in kpi value. It is a GET http request.

POST api/kpivalues/aggregationvalues

Service to get a list of aggregation kpi values according to AggregationKpiOptions defined in the POST request.

GET api/kpivalues/getperiods?date.Value={date.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&previousPeriods.Value={previousPeriods.Value}&stopDate.Value={stopDate.Value}

Service to get a list of periods according to date, frequency or previous date to stop the counting, It return the period descending from now to the past.

GET api/kpivalues/getcountkpis?kpiId.Value={kpiId.Value}&year.Value={year.Value}&month.Value={month.Value}&isValid.Value={isValid.Value}&startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&kpiResponsibleId.Value={kpiResponsibleId.Value}&isKpiActive.Value={isKpiActive.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}&isKeyIndicator.Value={isKeyIndicator.Value}&includeKpiResponsibleId.Value={includeKpiResponsibleId.Value}&isNullApprovalDate.Value={isNullApprovalDate.Value}&approvalUserId.Value={approvalUserId.Value}&isApprovalKpi.Value={isApprovalKpi.Value}

Service to get the counter of Kpi values

GET api/KpiValues?kpiId.Value={kpiId.Value}&year.Value={year.Value}&month.Value={month.Value}&isValid.Value={isValid.Value}&startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&kpiResponsibleId.Value={kpiResponsibleId.Value}&isKpiActive.Value={isKpiActive.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}&isKeyIndicator.Value={isKeyIndicator.Value}&includeKpiResponsibleId.Value={includeKpiResponsibleId.Value}&isNullApprovalDate.Value={isNullApprovalDate.Value}&approvalUserId.Value={approvalUserId.Value}&isApprovalKpi.Value={isApprovalKpi.Value}&isNullActualValue.Value={isNullActualValue.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/KpiValues/{id}

Service to get an Kpi value By Id

POST api/KpiValues

Service to create a Kpi Value

PUT api/KpiValues

Service to update a kpi value


API Service to get kpi scoresdata from kpis. It Uses in Scorecard page.

GET api/kpivaluescores/periods?frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&previousPeriodsNumber.Value={previousPeriodsNumber.Value}&stopDate.Value={stopDate.Value}&periodDate.Value={periodDate.Value}&languageCode.Value={languageCode.Value}&goalValidDate.Value={goalValidDate.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/KpiValueScores?maxDate.Value={maxDate.Value}&kpiDefinitionId.Value={kpiDefinitionId.Value}&isKeyIndicator.Value={isKeyIndicator.Value}&goalValidDate.Value={goalValidDate.Value}

No documentation available.


API Service to get kpi value view data from kpis

GET api/KpiValueViews?startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}

Get all kpi value view


API Service for manage measure

GET api/Measures?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&perspectiveId.Value={perspectiveId.Value}&isCompleted.Value={isCompleted.Value}&measureType.Value={measureType.Value}&includeAllTypes.Value={includeAllTypes.Value}

Get all measures

GET api/Measures/{id}

Get measure by id

POST api/Measures

Create new emasure

PUT api/Measures

Update measure


API Service for milestone

POST api/milestones/generate

No documentation available.

GET api/milestones/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Milestones?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&initiativeId.Value={initiativeId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&isCompleted.Value={isCompleted.Value}&isInitiated.Value={isInitiated.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Milestones/{id}

Get milestone by id

POST api/Milestones

Create new milestone

PUT api/Milestones

Update milestone


GET api/objectives/possibleparents?Value={Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/objectives/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Objectives?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&isParentIdNull.Value={isParentIdNull.Value}&divisionParentIdIsNull.Value={divisionParentIdIsNull.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&calculationType.Value={calculationType.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}&includeEmptyDivisions.Value={includeEmptyDivisions.Value}&includeSubdivisionsFilter.Value={includeSubdivisionsFilter.Value}&includeParentDivisionsFilter.Value={includeParentDivisionsFilter.Value}&haveTags.Value={haveTags.Value}&seeExpired.Value={seeExpired.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Objectives/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/Objectives

No documentation available.

PUT api/Objectives

No documentation available.


API service to execute ODATA filters.

GET api/odata/kpivalues

Service to get kpi values data by ODATA filters. http://www.odata.org/


GET api/OKR_Activities?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&objectiveId.Value={objectiveId.Value}&isCompleted.Value={isCompleted.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/OKR_Activities/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/OKR_Activities

No documentation available.

PUT api/OKR_Activities

No documentation available.


API Service to manage overridden color items

GET api/OverriddenColors

Get all overridden colors

GET api/OverriddenColors/{id}

Get overridden color by id

POST api/OverriddenColors

Create new overridden color

PUT api/OverriddenColors

Update overridden color item


API Service to manage perspectives

GET api/perspectives/tree?Value={Value}

Get all perspective in tree format

GET api/perspectives/includeprogress

Get all perspective with progress

GET api/Perspectives

Get all perspectives

GET api/Perspectives/{id}

Get perspective by id

POST api/Perspectives

Create new perspective

PUT api/Perspectives

Update perspective

DELETE api/Perspectives/{id}

Delete perspective


API service to generate pdf reports based on Strategy orchestrator website.

GET api/printing/shareurl

No documentation available.

GET api/printing/getfile

Get file content to be shared. Querystring required: filename // This is generated in shareurl webservice. domain // If the version of SO is server.

GET api/Printing

Service to download a PDF / Image base on URL. It requires these querystring parameters: referenceurl // URL of Strategy orchestrator page to convert to pdf. domain // Domain value if Strategy orchestrator is configured as Server version. token // Public token from SO website to have access. format // It can be 'pdf' or 'jpeg' waittime // Number of second to wait until the pdf or image is generated.


API Service to manage privileges data

GET api/Privileges?Value={Value}

Get all privileges

GET api/Privileges/{id}

get privilege by id

POST api/Privileges

Craete new privilege

PUT api/Privileges

Update privilege


API service to manage progress logs items

POST api/ProgressLogs

Craete a new progress log

DELETE api/ProgressLogs/{id}

Delete progress log by Id


API Service to get projects view data from database

GET api/ProjectViews?startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&status.Value={status.Value}&progress.Value={progress.Value}&completionDate.Value={completionDate.Value}&isInitiated.Value={isInitiated.Value}&isBehindSchedule.Value={isBehindSchedule.Value}&isCompleted.Value={isCompleted.Value}

No documentation available.


API service to use as public. It doesnt require authentication.

GET api/public/colorvalues

Get values color values required in Color Unit. (Multichoose)

GET api/public/skip-secure-request?url={url}

No documentation available.


API service for purchases

GET api/Purchases?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}

Get all purchases

GET api/Purchases/{id}

Get purchase by id

POST api/Purchases

Create new purchase

PUT api/Purchases

Update purchase

DELETE api/Purchases/{id}

Delete purchase


API Service for resource usages

GET api/resourceusages/odata

No documentation available.

POST api/resourceusages/generate

No documentation available.

GET api/ResourceUsages?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}

Get all resource usages

GET api/ResourceUsages/{id}

Get resource usage by id

POST api/ResourceUsages

Create new resource usage

PUT api/ResourceUsages

Update resource usage

DELETE api/ResourceUsages/{id}

Delete resource usage


API service to read risk values in goals

GET api/RiskGoals?maxDate.Value={maxDate.Value}&greenLimit.Value={greenLimit.Value}&yellowLimit.Value={yellowLimit.Value}&riskEndDateEqualHigher.Value={riskEndDateEqualHigher.Value}&includeNullableRiskEnddate.Value={includeNullableRiskEnddate.Value}&goalValidDate.Value={goalValidDate.Value}

No documentation available.


API Service for risks

GET api/Risks?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&goalId.Value={goalId.Value}&responsibleId.Value={responsibleId.Value}&divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&expirationDate.Value={expirationDate.Value}&seeExpired.Value={seeExpired.Value}

Get all risks

GET api/Risks/{id}

Get risk by id

POST api/Risks

Create new risk

PUT api/Risks

Update risk


API service to manage risk values

POST api/riskvalues/bulk

Bilk service to Create, update or delete risk values.

GET api/RiskValues?Value={Value}

Get list of risk values

GET api/RiskValues/{id}

Get Risk value by Id

POST api/RiskValues

Create new risk value

PUT api/RiskValues

Update risk value


Services to get tokens according to login (username). Only works on Single version of Strategy Orchestrator. Only the Super Administrator can access to this web service.

POST api/SSO/Single

Require the Username (Login) and SecretKey defined in Strategy Orchestrator. The SecretKey must be Hashed using the web service /api/hashpassword.


API Service for status of goals

GET api/statusgoals/periods?divisionId.Value={divisionId.Value}&frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&previousPeriodsNumber.Value={previousPeriodsNumber.Value}&stopDate.Value={stopDate.Value}&periodDate.Value={periodDate.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/statusgoals/periods/comments?frequency.Value={frequency.Value}&previousPeriodsNumber.Value={previousPeriodsNumber.Value}&stopDate.Value={stopDate.Value}&periodDate.Value={periodDate.Value}

No documentation available.

POST api/statusgoals/searchorcreate

No documentation available.

GET api/StatusGoals?startDate.Value={startDate.Value}&endDate.Value={endDate.Value}&betweenDate.Value={betweenDate.Value}

Get all status goals

GET api/StatusGoals/{id}

Get goal status by id

POST api/StatusGoals

Create new goal status

PUT api/StatusGoals

Update goal status

DELETE api/StatusGoals/{id}

Delete goal status


API service to manage status logs items

POST api/StatusLogs

Craete a new status log

DELETE api/StatusLogs/{id}

Delete status log by Id


API Service to check deployment mode of system

GET api/System/Version

Get version mode of system. It can be 'SINGLE' or 'SERVER'

GET api/System/ValidateDatabase

No documentation available.


Web service to connect to Clients in Strategy orchestrator Server version.

POST api/systemclients/login

Authenticate aginst the clients services in Strategy orchestratpr service version.


API Service to manage system settings

GET api/SystemSettings

Get all system settings

POST api/SystemSettings

Update array of system settings


API service to manage tags entities in system

GET api/tags/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Tags?Value={Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/Tags/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/Tags

No documentation available.

PUT api/Tags

No documentation available.


Web service that connect to Timeseries database. It is used to integrate data to Kpi values.

POST api/timeseries/Upload

Create new data in Timeserie list. It reads an attachment in Body of request.

GET api/timeseries/ImportForKpi

Execute the task to import timeseries data to kpi. It needs the following querystring: kpiid, domain (server version).

GET api/timeseries/Source

Return values found in Source field of Timeseries data.

GET api/timeseries/Meta1

Return values found in Meta1 field of Timeseries data.

GET api/timeseries/Meta2

Return values found in Meta2 field of Timeseries data. It can query querystring: meta1

GET api/timeseries/Meta3

Return values found in Meta3 field of Timeseries data. It can query querystring: meta1, meta2

GET api/timeseries/Meta4

Return values found in Meta4 field of Timeseries data. It can query querystring: meta1, meta2, meta3.

POST api/TimeSeries

Create new data in Timeserie list. It reads a json obect.

GET api/TimeSeries

Get the first 4 rows of timeseries according to filters: source, meate1, meta2, meta3, meta4


API Service for units

GET api/Units

Get all units in system

GET api/Units/{id}

Get unit by id

POST api/Units

Create new Unit

PUT api/Units

Update unit

DELETE api/Units/{id}

Delete unit


Update tables values in database according to version of this web service.

GET api/UpgradeSystem

It requires a helpToken provided by administrator. Actual verison to updated v4.2


API Service to get user activities

GET api/useractivities/activities

Get user activities

GET api/useractivities/responsabilities

Get user responsabilities


API service to get User devices registration. It used to

GET api/UserDeviceRegistration?Value={Value}

Get UserDeviceRegistration item by id


API Service to manage user groups

GET api/UserGroups?Value={Value}

Get all user groups

GET api/UserGroups/{id}

Get user group by id

POST api/UserGroups

Create new user group

PUT api/UserGroups

Update user group

DELETE api/UserGroups/{id}

Dlete user group by id


API Service to manage user

GET api/users?Value={Value}

Get all users

POST api/users

Create new user

GET api/users/getpublickey

Get the public key for the current user authenicated.

POST api/users/generatepublickey

Generate a public key for the current user to use in others web services.

GET api/users/odata

No documentation available.

GET api/Users/{id}

Get user by id

PUT api/Users

Update user

DELETE api/Users/{id}

Delete user by id


API Service to read data of users

GET api/UsersInfo

Get all users info


GET api/UserTeams?isActive.Value={isActive.Value}&userId.Value={userId.Value}

No documentation available.

GET api/UserTeams/{id}

No documentation available.

POST api/UserTeams

No documentation available.

PUT api/UserTeams

No documentation available.

DELETE api/UserTeams/{id}

No documentation available.